FYI: How To Shoot A Hand Gun Accurately

Dear All;

For all Libertarians who take personal self-defense
seriously. A very good article on Lew Rockwell on
how to shoot a handgun accurately from a very
experienced shooter. Lessons well worth exploring
for accurate self-defense.

When seconds count the polizei are always minutes
away. Why do you need the states permission to CDW?
It's your call to decide if you want to have personal
immediately available self-protection.

Why be an unarmed victim?

As the wise old Sheriff told the new deputy if you
have to draw and shoot - shoot to kill - then only
your side will be heard in court. This wisdom also
applies to civilians.

It's better to be tried by twelve than carried by six.

As psychologists have proven through numerous
aptitude and attitude tests the psychology of the
criminal mind and a police officers mind mentally
are the same. Which is why the only difference
between a cop and a criminal is a jail cell or a badge.

Oh - and they both have guns. ; - )

Finally - watch out on those traffic stops you
could get tased - early and often.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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