FYI - FOLLOW UP: Immigration Raid Fall Out - Who's Next

Dear All;
One of the Cal-Libs readers had this to say about the post I sent last last week regarding the immigration ICE raid in Postville, Iowa in a personal e-mail.
I read the Personal Account by the translator and wrote him directly in Miami. He replied that he will be testifying before the immigration subcommittee of congress next week. He is a very brave man.
Apparently there may (??) be some reprecussions afterall on how things were handled in Postville by ICE and the Justice Department. Knowing something about government I am willing to bet our erstwhile longtime federally hired interpreter may no longer get contracts for translation work. Too many toes stepped on and about to be stepped on.
The life of a government bureacrat: decisions by committee - don't make waves - CYA - get more funds to expand your department - stomp on whistle blowers through slime smear and slander.
Then there are those who are willing to step forward when the government goes too far and despite what will happen to them personally speak out forthwithly and very publicly.
I am certain we have not heard the last of this issue. And as previously mentioned regardless of what your personal stance is on immigration issues this ICE raid was handled totally wrong from the get go with complete and total disregard for any basic humanity and decency and Amercan style justice.
BTW: This is the url for the pdf about the personal account if you have not read it yet. It may have been sent to archives so the url may not work then again it might??

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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