FYI: BART is FREE on Thursday, December 4 (tomorrow) from 4am to 9am

Free Morning Commute on BART: On December 4th, BART will be free from 4 a.m. until 9 a.m. This is an opportunity to reward regular BART commuters with a free ride and draw new commuters onto BART. Customers will be able to enter BART faregates at no cost and with no BART ticket required (although a ticket will be needed for return trips later that day.) Daily parking fees at the Westbay and Lake Merritt stations will also be free that day. A recent study reveals that the average Bay Area commuter waste 42 hours a year sitting in traffic and by taking BART to work commuters can save $20-40 a day in automobile costs. A person who commutes on BART instead of driving can avoid 5 tons of auto pollution. Further BART riders achieve the equivalent of 250 miles per gallon on BART – about 10 times the fuel economy of a typical car. Questions can be directed to the BART Marketing Department at (510) 464-7161. The free morning commute on BART is courtesy of ING Director, an on-line savings bank and the sponsor of this promotion.