Fwd: You're Invited: "Freedom & Flourishing" in San Francisco 2/6

Greetings! I’m speaking in San Francisco this upcoming Sunday with some
fellow liberty thinkers, Avik Roy from FREOP and Zach Graves from the
Lincoln Network, at the home of John Chisholm. Would love to see some LPSF
folks come out! Details below.

Dear Mr Casey Given,

I’d like to attend, but how much time will actually be allotted for the Q&A? At most contrived “forums” nowadays, sponsors/panels/mods calculate the discussion to exclude all but 1 or 2 — if any at all — Questions from attendees (defeating the purpose of attending aside from the free snacks/drinks). Will the event be broadcast & recorded online on youtube or another relatively OPEN/PUBLIC platform for those who cannot attend & might find the discussion & the key SOLUTIONS & STRATEGIES the panelists suggest valuable or might incorporate these tips in upcoming political campaigns across the Nation ?

Thank you! Happy New Year!
Martin, Dick Heller endorses DC Libertarian candidate | Libertarian Party

Hi Casey,

It was great to discuss Young Voices reaching out to spread the knowledge of the horrors of Communism after the event. Please let the forum know of ways to help or volunteer.

Chris Mendes