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  Thank you -- yes, that is the group to which I was referring at the
meeting. I don't know who if anyone is monitoring the
"SFTaxpayersUnion.com website.

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Dear All;

More on Doug Comstock including being chair Sunshine Task Force and other things from google - oce the site comes up various articles about Doug Comstock come up on this page and the previous and following pages. Interesting character as well as a political consultant.


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  Doug Comstock is or was involved with the San Francisco Neighborhood
Association, of which Barbara Meskunas used to be the president, and I
believe they are, or have been, political allies. I don't know if he
owns the SFTU name or web domain, but I highly doubt the SFTU has ever
been any kind of front for a big government agenda. The group has made
a point of never supporting a tax increase. While Comstock hasn't been
particularly involved with the SFTU that I'm aware of, his past
activities have included things like being the lead opponent of the
massive 49ers stadium measure put forward under mayor Willie Brown.
His positions are a mixed bag, as your research below indicates, but
he's definitely not just a typical leftie on fiscal issues. My guess
is that his address was just used because he was handling some of the
paperwork for Barbara or it was convenient for some other reason. I
don't think Barbara ever technically quit as executive director or
anything, just the money to pay her salary dried up, and she didn't
call any meetings. I suspect a decision was made behind the scenes to
lie low until the whole Ed Jew scandal had some time to fade into the
past, although I have no direct knowledge of this. As I said before, I
wasn't able to get hold of Jack Davis, who I think was the main driver
behind the group, and I haven't seen his name around recently.

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