Fwd from a friend: How long will KAL 007 be secret?

Colin Hoyt <sailorhoyt@...> wrote:Twenty years ago this morning the Soviet Union attacked Korean Airlines flight 007, which had unexplainedly entered that country's airspace. 69 Americans (one of them Congressman Larry McDonald of Georgia), and 200 other western citizens were on the plane.

Some of you will remember this was one of the biggest Cold War incidents, and that there was much specualtion at the time that it might result in a shooting war. Some of you were outraged (as was I) that neither Congress nor President Ronald Reagan did much to punish the Soviet Union; Sen. Jesse Helms suggested a breakoff of diplomatic relations, which Reagan rejected.
The first time I heard about the KAL007 incident, a horrible chill went through my body, because I knew it was an act of war, and, therefore, war was a possibility. This was immediately followed by the disgust of thinking that innocent people had been murdered without even a warning.

One day 17 years later, I was waiting for someone at the home of an uncle, reading an issue of The New American Magazine, specifically a 1991 article on the incident. The article was long, and not far from the end, I reached this:

"Avraham Shifrin, a one time major in the Red Army and legal adviser in the USSR's Ministry of Defense, was imprisoned for a decade during a purge of Soviet Jews. He was eventually allowed to emigrate to Israel, where he established a research center to document the existence of prisons and concentration camps in the Soviet Union. His 1980 book, The First Guide to Prisons and Concentration Camps in the USSR, listed more than 2,000 Soviet prisons, slave labor camps, and psychological prisons. Since 1989, Shifrin, as executive director of the Jerusalem-based Research Centre for Prisons, Psych-prisons and Forced-Labor Concentration Camps of the USSR, has been investigating the KAL 007 tragedy. On July 11, 1991 he issued a lengthy press release which included this startling paragraph:

Our investigation (in-complete yet) has brought us on the tracks of the kidnapped people. We know, for instance, that Congressman McDonald has gone through a number of prisons in Moscow, among them the Central Lubyanka, Lefortovo, [and] a "special dacha" of the KGB in a suburb of Moscow. As far as his present whereabouts are concerned, the investigation is underway, and the information available at the moment cannot be disclosed. We partially know the camps where the plane people were and, with a high degree of probability, are kept now. As for the children from the plane, they were separated from their parents and safely hidden in the orphan houses of one of the Soviet Middle Asian republics.

It should be emphasized that this report is unconfirmed. But it is sufficiently specific to merit thorough follow-up by our government. Yet, as we write (in early August), it has been ignored by both the major U.S. media and the State Department."

That same chill from 17 years earlier went through me again. Knowing the evil nature of the soviet government made them capable of things far worse than the article suggests, and knowing the benefits they reaped from getting the most principled anti-communist (McDonald) out of Congress, I couldn't stop investigating the matter then. I have come to the conclusion that we have 69 more Americans to bring home.

If you want to do some investigating of your own, I suggest the following resources:

www.rescue007.org, website of The International Committee for the Rescue of KAL007 Survivors (some documents in this list are from that site)

Letter to Boris Yeltsin from Jesse Helms, December 10, 1991 http://www.rescue007.org/helms_letter.htm

www.thenewamerican.com (type in KAL007 as a search term)

www.aim.org (type in KAL 007 as a search term in the upper right hand box and be sure to leave a space between "KAL" and "007". You will get 49 results, including the stories AIM wrote when the incident happened)

Two Isvestiya articles from 1990 and 1991: http://www.royfc.com/kal007.html

"Ambush Over Moneron" by Craig Roberts: http://www.rescue007.org/docs/AMBUSHOVERMONERON.pdf

Rescue 007, by Bert Schlossberg, available from www.realityzone.com

www.amazon.com (you will find a list of books on the subject there)

    *Please take some time today and pray for the passengers of KAL 007.*

Scott Darby