FW: Why is S.O.S. afraid of Rose Tsai?


  I got that message from Joe too. Any idea what the Residential Builders are up to?

  The D-1 event was last night, not tonight. I didn't go after all, because I was at a Sex Workers Outreach Project talk by an Australian sex worker from Australia which proved to be very interesting, and I had not been actually invited to speak at the District 1 event, which was just for candidates for District 1 supervisor -- I just figured it was a good outreach/networking opportunity, as well as to learn more about the candidates. Did anyone else attend?

  I know there are other candidate forums going on that I'm not hearing about -- if anyone hears of any, whether or not they include School Board, please post the info to the list!

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From Joe O’Donoghue….something interesting regarding the District 1 event tonight.

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