FW: U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein responding to your message

Dear Marcy,

I know you were kidding when in one of your later e-mails you said that Senator Feinstein wrote to you personally with her own hands. Of course, she didn’t. She may not have even have read the letter her staff sent to you. I wrote to Feinstein, too, about the same issue and this morning I got the EXACT SAME LETTER that you did.

Anyway, everyone, continue to flood your senators and representatives with e-mails and phone calls about this important issue.


Sen. Feinstein sent me the exact same message, too. This is a GOOD thing! She honestly explained what she did. Politicians often try to tell one group of constituents one thing, and another group something else entirely.
Harland HarrisonLP of San Mateo County CA

Dear Marge,

Glad you got the joke!!


I agree that Feinstein's letter did attempt to give a reason for her vote, which is a lot more than Boxer did. I received no reply from Boxer at all.