FW: "The American people don't care"

Dear UCSF Mike;

I have always thought a delightful project for the watchdog tax groups would be for them whenever a congressperson "got" an earmark for their to send a mailer in the Congresspersons name to each adult in their district stating the congressperson had secured such and such million dollars for such and such a project in their district.

The second paragraph would ask each adult to pony up their fair share of the project based on per capita adults in the district and the secured millions.

The third paragraph would ask if they would prefer to pay this all at once or in a 1 year installment plan with an appropriate interest aret of 1 1/2 % a month. If needed the IRS could arrange a wage garnishment a levy of their bank account and file a lien against their proerty until the bill was paid.

The 4th paragraph would invite the person to call their congressperson with any comments they had.

The same could apply for senators on a statewide basis.

Betcha the earmarks would drop quite quickly.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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