FW: Support Diversity and Openness in our Nation's Media

Got this action alert from the ACLU. They have this free faxing
thing, you know. They also force a certain paragraph into the free
fax or email, to attempt to restrict the speech of those using their
system. Well, here's what I did, anyway:


"I disagree with the ACLU on this one"

Their required paragraph:

"It is my understanding that the Federal Communications Commission is
considering possible changes to its media ownership rules. I urge you
to fully disclose your ideas on this extremely important issue and
allow hearings and public comment."

My optional text:

"As a 'card-carrying member of the ACLU', I have to disagree with the
organization's clearly Socialist stance on this issue. The First
Amendment to our Constitution guarantees a right to free press, not a
right to free press as long as you're a small company and only in a
few markets.

It's extremely short-sighted for the ACLU to claim that it supports
Liberty while actively opposing the economic liberty of those who own
the mass media.

Disclosure is good, and public comment is helpful, but when it comes
time to re-write the media ownership rules, please support free
markets and freedom of speech. Ignore the ACLU."

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