FW: Starchild has an idea for Campaign for Liberty - San Francisco (fka Ron Paul Meetup)


  The Nov. 30 date was somehow automatically included by Meetup when I
wrote the announcement -- I subsequently corrected that to read Nov.
24 at noon. It seemed to me that with two different Campaign for
Liberty groups plus us talking about it, including Allison Gibbs of
Ladies of Liberty Alliance, I should go ahead and make a preliminary

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Well, I have a ticket to Baltimore for Thanksgiving that I bot about a
month ago for the 24th. My Dad is not doing well and this may be our
last thanksgiving so Unfortunately I will be flying. I never fail to
remind the TSa about the first and fourth ammendments and have been on
the verge of the no fly list and being tased more than a few times as
due to my artificial hips I always get the treatment. IIf it has gone
poorly on the frisk, I wait till they are finished and shout back ,
thanks, I hope it was as good for you as it was for me. If it isn't
too bad I say very politley , Thank you for trampling my fourth
ammendment rights with cleanliness and courtesy.

the sarasota TSA guys were the best in the past. One had told that he
was nearly fired for refusing to operate the x ray scanner full body.


I am flying out at 12 30 and usually arrive about 1 and a half hours
early, maybe two foor this one.