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  I, and I think it's safe to say, the members of the Libertarian Party, support you in this goal of making sure that Medi-Cann cards are considered acceptable by cannabis co-ops, so that we don't end up with a situation where people have to possess some form of state-issued ID (and probably pay through the nose for it) in order to access their medicine via dispensaries. Please let us know which dispensaries or co-ops are claiming your card is not legit, so that they can be encouraged to change their policies -- and boycotted by freedom-loving patients if they won't change.

  Of course what's really at stake is not that Medi-Cann cards in particular are accepted, but that non-government IDs are accepted in general. So in return for this support I would ask that you similarly be supportive of any other private organization that may attempt to come out with its own card in the future, and to never agree to any plan that would close the door on that after your own group's card has become widely accepted.

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P.S. - I wouldn't necessarily copy Supervisor Mirkarimi on this kind of stuff if I were you. Frankly I don't trust him not to seek more government control over the cannabis community via ID cards. He may well see such cards as an opportunity to get more tax money to spend on social programs, or a way to showcase how enlightened local government is by having them be the ones to dispense the goodies, which they can't do if a private group like MediCann is making cards available more affordably.

Hi everyone,

                It has come to our attention that some of the co\-ops in SF are telling our patients that they Medi\-Cann recommendation card is not legit and will not accept it has a valid form of entrance to obtain medicine\. The Medi\-Cann recommendation card is a copy of the patient’s recommendation\. The language on the back was written by Lenore Shefman our lawyer who assured us that this is a legal copy of the patients recommendation and would hold up in the court of law just has the paper would\. We try to work hard with medical marijuana providers so that our patients have safe and convenient way to obtain their medicine\. To legitimize the way medicine is dispensed we made verification of patients easy with 24 hour online verification and soon to be 24 hour automated phone verification\. There is also a rumor that co\-ops will be forced to accept only the state id cards as a means of entrance\. We have found no ordinance stating this and are working hard to make sure it does not go into affect just like we did in Alameda County\. We have put over 2400 patients into the SF market in the last 3 months with over 16,000 total\. We would just like to be recognized as a legitimate form of obtaining medicine since that was how the law was written\.

Jared Stratton

MediCann, Inc.