FW: San Francisco Patrol Special Police Set up Fund to Co-sponsor with City a Permanent Memorial Plaque Naming Plaza in the Castro for Officer Jane Warner

Dear All,

Contributing, even a small amount, to this fund will show support for the Patrols, and make a statement in favor of private vs. government-provided services. As you all know by now, the Patrols' neighborhood policing is paid for by the private clients that hire them, encouraging City police to focus on violent crime. Officer Jane Warner died earlier this year, after long service to the Castro neighborhood. It would be fitting that her memorial plaza on 17th Street and Castro Street have a proper plaque.

Please make your donation payable to the "Officer Jane Warner Memorial
    Fund," and mail it to the SF Police Credit Union, P.O. Box 22219, San Francisco, CA 94122-0219. If you would prefer to deliver your donation to the Credit Union, please see address on the Press Release below.





Obrigada, Mike D.