FW: Robert Bryce at the Commonwealth Club

Hi All,

This announcement is one of two I am posting today from the Commonwealth Club. We Libertarians have a tendency to believe that our message is so true that by our just being there the world will eventually come around to our way of thinking. I don't think so. It takes work. Some of our folk are working thru the Commonwealth Club -- on the Week to Week Debates, on their program board, or promoting events that might be of interest to libertarians in order to encourage more such events.

I believe I heard Robert Bryce discussing his views on Technation with Moira Gunn, and I remember coming away conflicted -- do we continue our current lifestyles because technology will, as it has in the past make up for any damage, or do we take individual personal action to help Mother Earth. BTW, you all will need to decide on this question at the ballot box next November; see www.lpsf.org for article on transportation balance.

Robert Bryce: Energy Innovation
June 25, 2014 5:30 pm check in 6:00 pm program 7:00 pm book signing
$12 members of the Commonwealth Club, $20 non members, $7 students. Discount available to as noted in Lisa's email below.
The Commonwealth Club 595 Market Street San Francisco