FW: Please attend our first UTW/Save MUNI ballot measure meeting

Hi Denny and All,

As our resident "transportation freedom" expert, Denny might be particularly interested in this email. Peter Kirby, the sender, is a member of the taxi union. He is "doing something" about the SFMTA's grip on taxis (good that he is taking action on something he finds objectionable). On the fixmta website referred to on his email, Peter advocates more regulation of the taxi industry and doing away with relatively unregulated ride share (my guess would be he is targeting Uber and other such companies). I do not understand the medallion issue he is also targeting, and I am sure neither does the general public.

Since Peter Kirby sent his email to the officers of LPSF, seeking support for his initiative (seems in the planning draft stage), I though posting it on the Activist List would be called for.

BTW, Peter says Save MUNI is working with him, but I do not see anything on the Save MUNI website about him or fixmta.org.


Hi Denny,

This is the most embarrassing day of my life. I did not have a chance to log into the LPSF PayPal account since October 1, so I did not know about your donation of $100 on October 22. PayPal always sends me an email indicating LPSF received a payment, but nothing in my inbox from them for a payment on October 22. So, a belated thank you very, very much.

Denny, would you like any of the $100 to go towards your LPSF membership renewal? My records show your membership expires 1/31/15. If you do, please let me know.

We have to keep the lights on and spend what we can on literature, events, ads, or whatever helps spread libertarianism. So, thank you for helping us do that.



I trust your judgement. I know LPSF has been very active during the elections and I was too busy to help so I thought this was my contribution, but you can use for ops if needed. Ill renew my membership in the next few weeks. Cheers,

Thank you, Denny! Much appreciated.

Love & Liberty,
                              ((( starchild )))

Hi Denny. Yes, thanks for the donation--and vote of confidence. Hope you are doing well and not being hassled by the taxi cartel. By the way, Marcy only graces us with her presence for the dinner after the December meeting in keeping with the holiday spirit, so if you can make this meeting (or dinner afterwards), that would be great.