I agree with Kevin in advocating the separation
of marriage and state.

In addition, would not the official recognition of
additional types of marriages result in the govt forcing
private businesses (at the point of a gun) to give
more of their employees health insurance, paid
vacations, and paid leaves?

Best, Michael

Hello fellow Bay Area Libertarians.

From outreach efforts to UC Berkeley's CAL Libs club, I have discovered
an active and energetic group of young Libertarians not afraid to do
something controversial. Next Wednesday, they are hosting a free
viewing of "Innocents Betrayed", a documentary film by Jews for the
Preservation of Firearms Ownership. It's the "film Michael Moore
doesn't want you to see!"

See the attached jpg file for details. It can also be printed out if
you want to put up fliers anywhere to help advertise this free viewing.

When: Wednesday, October 29, 7:00 PM,
Where: UC Berkeley, 105 North Gate Hall
Free Admission / Open Discussion to Follow

The nearest BART station is Berkeley Station, and UC Berkeley is in
walking distance. Maps on the campus can guide you to the hall. Come
support this active group of Libertarian students. Show them that there
is a Party out there willing to contribute to their efforts and ready to
welcome their enthusiasm after they graduate.

Yours in Liberty,

-Kevin O'Neal-
LP Candidate for
Assembly District 14

(Attachment ibflyer2.jpg is missing)

Extremely cool. Fair warning to the other political chat people -- I
plan on being in Berkeley next Wednesday night. I suggest that those
of us who usually keep Wednesday nights open for our chat instead go
to see the documentary. If anyone wants to meet outside and sit
together at the screening, let me know.


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