FW: [lpsf-discuss] SF gun ban - random thoughts on organizing against it


  Since I assume you do not belong to the local LPSF list and cannot post to it, and since Mike started the thread there by posting your initial message to him, I have been taking the liberty of posting your comments and my responses on the list as well. Given this history and the nature of our conversation I'm presuming you have no objection, but if you would prefer at any point not to have your comments sent to our list, please let me know.

  Just to be clear, are you an NRA member yourself, and if so, do you hold any position in the organization? I was under the impression that you at least belonged to the group, but when I read your statement below that "I value the help of the NRA also," I became less certain of that.

  I don't doubt that the NRA has good overall acceptance nationwide, but here in San Francisco I don't believe they are particularly well-liked. Of all the political parties in the United States, the Libertarian Party is by far the most outspoken in defending the rights that the NRA exists to defend. If the group does not support our candidates, it is because they are making political calculations. As long as this is the case, it seems to me that they can't really expect Libertarians not to make their own political calculations that in some cases there is more to be lost than gained by working too closely with the NRA.

  Personally I would like to see more cooperation on both sides. But you can't leave the issue of endorsements out of the discussion. Running candidates is probably the top way in which the Libertarian Party advances our organizational mission of promoting liberty. As long as the NRA is going to undercut that effort by endorsing our opponents, it is understandably going to have a chilling effect on the group's relations with our party. If they feel they absolutely "have to" do that for political reasons, then the least they could do is send some political contributions our way.

  Just as anyone may join the NRA regardless of their political proclivities, it is also true that one can become a dues-paying member of the Libertarian Party even if you are registered to vote as a Democrat, Republican, etc.

  As far as the other gun groups, I am not personally knowledgeable enough about the legal and political efforts to fight for gun rights to answer your questions. Perhaps someone else on the list can. However I know that groups like JPFA have done great work in educating the public via things like the excellent "Innocents Betrayed" film.

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