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It is good when groups contact the LPSF to publicize their event. Here is one that sounds very "libertarian." I have responded to Clint's message, and posted the event on our Bay Area Events list at www.lpsf.org


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I'm up for this....it's an abomination.


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Right on, Marcy! I agree this is a worthwhile cause for us to support. Thanks for responding and adding it to our events listing. Can you, Aubrey, Les, and Denny formally vote to endorse it, if this has not already happened?

  I don't have a strong position regarding the scientific merits of fluoridation, or lack thereof, but am skeptical to say the least. More fundamentally, I think the burden of proof should be on those who want to add chemicals to the drinking water supply to prove that it is beneficial to public health, and so far I definitely don't see them as having made that case. I'm not sure how much fluoridation is costing taxpayers, but I'm pretty sure there's some cost, and even if it *were* a boon to health, this would constitute a subsidy that goes beyond the proper role of government (probably more a subsidy to fluoride producers than to the public).

  So I've put the event on my calendar, and look forward to attending.

  Clint and Jonathan, once you have our formal support which I hope is pending, will you be able to add the Libertarian Party of San Francisco as a sponsor to any outreach materials (website, fliers, etc.) you are doing for this event? What event production/promotion needs do you have? I'd be interested in being added to the speaker lineup on behalf of our group. Basically I would just explain the libertarian take on the issue as briefly presented above from a non-scientific perspective, stressing the issues of freedom of choice and no subsidies. I would also be willing to MC the event if desired. I'm somewhat well known in San Francisco, at least among those who follow politics, having run five times for local office and appeared as the author of many ballot arguments in the voter handbook. In 2010, SF Weekly named me "Best Political Activist/Bisexual Escort" (see http://www.sfweekly.com/bestof/2010/award/best-political-activist-bisexual-escort-1983701/ ). I'm also an elected leader in the Libertarian Party at the state and national levels.

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