FW: Libertarian Party of San Francisco: Richmond High's political Fair

Hi Aubrey,

How about this: If by end of Sunday, we do not have a committed, for sure, group to attend this event, you pick me up and we go as a group of 2. I will bring some of the Puzzle brochures that I received today, and you can bring some of the brochures you have left over from the S.F. State tabling.

It is not my intention to bud into East Bay's territory, but I agree with you, Aubrey, that the only way to get things done sometimes is to say "I am going, who wants to come with me!"

Thank you!!


Hi Marcy! Yes, I agree with your plan--let's give it to the end of Sunday and
then plan accordingly. It sounds like Les is willing to join in--thanks Les!
Of course you can ride with us. Also, I noticed something in the emails about
voter registration forms, and since I have a bunch of them from Starchild, I
will bring those too.

I looked at the attachments from the school regarding the schedule and list of
questions. My goodness, it sounds like they're running a tight ship--minute by
minute. Will our own Michael Edelstein be there to watch the timer and keep us
on schedule?! As for the questions, I agree that disagreement among
ourselves on stage would serve no one, so perhaps once we know who is going for
sure, we can each pick a question or two that we're most comfortable with and
that person will answer that question. Doesn't sound like there's much time to
give long-winded speeches, so we will each have to do our homework and know
exactly what we're going to say in a very short amount of time. In other words,
we will have to well-prepared, just like students are supposed to be! Myself, I
will opt out of the question about the economic meltdown, as I just don't feel
well qualified enough to speak on that one intelligently, even though I am
confident that too much government caused the crisis. In the meantime, I will
do a little homework on some of the other questions before the weekend is over.


Dear All;

Thank you everyone for your great efforts to meet and greet students.

One special note on the voter registration forms you would need the forms used
by Alameda County as I believe Richmond is part of Alameda County and I also
believe you may have to have a registered voter in Alameda to counter sign as

Ron Getty

Dear All,

So picture a high school with lock-in gates, maybe 90% first or second generation immigrants of modest economic means. Picture a core of kids in that community who are focused on succeeding no matter what. Thank you to Aubrey, Les, Starchild, and Terry for being there. As always, Starchild did a terrific job communicating Libertarian principles, and interacting with the kids after the event.

Aubrey, Les, and Starchild, hope you had a good lunch/dinner at the Olive Garden. You are the best!


Hi Marcy & All! If our presence got even one--mind you, just one--kid to think
about the possibility of real freedom and opportunity--and with this bunch I
agree with Marcy that they were probably more interested in job possibilities in
the future than the loftier ideals--then the schlepp to Richmond was worth it.
As for Starchild, thanks as always for doing what you do best--and enjoying it