FW: Libertarian Party of San Francisco: Richmond High's political Fair

Dear All,

Please see Beatriz' e-mail below for more information about the political fair to which we were invited. I plan to go, probably by BART, given that my Toyota will probably fall apart before it gets to Richmond. It would be great if at least three of us would volunteer, since apparently there will be a discussion/Q&A as well as tabling opportunity.

I said this before on this list, but it merits mentioning again. There are lots of kids in public schools located in challenging environments that are determined to do well. I dealt with tons of them when helping out with the Cabrillo Scholarship Fund. I feel we owe them our support.



  Bummer it was so much trouble; that's pretty messed-up on Yahoo's
part. I was able to view the brochure on the LPSF website, however it
appears sideways.

  One shortcoming or suggestion for a revision of the brochure is that
it says libertarians support "robust national defense".

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))


  Do you know how far Richmond H.S. is from BART?

  I'm cross-posting this to the East Bay Libertarians list in case some
activists from over there can attend.

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Hi Starchild,

"Robust National Defense" I guess means that the US would not allow Angola or Kasakstan to invade US territory (and yes, there is a US territory, in spite of longings for a One World Order!). If I can find a way to do it I will just print some of these brochures. Maybe later, we can have other alternatives.


Starchild, the original was not sideways, but Marcy had trouble printing it
that way, so I rotated it per her request.

Hi Rob,

The image now looks good. Thank you!