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Dear Marcy;

He says he is the "unofficial" representative I believe we would need to see
someone "officially" representing Tony Hall.

BTW: this Tony Hall's facebook page:


This Tony Hall's website:


This is a facebook page for a Christopher Brodeur a business student at SFSU I
do not know if it is same Christopher but he is in SF.


Ah yes social networking and google.

Ron Getty

I busted my ass for Tony Hall when he first ran for supervisor and it was a tight race. I paid my employees to stay after work and call hundreds of people in the district that were on a list. He won by a very narrow margin.

Afterwards...it was like I had done nothing for him. He is a classic politician in all the worst ways. He touches just enough on each issue to make you feel like he's on your side but is only interested in power. Sarosh took me to a fund raiser for him recently. I'd steer clear of him. He's also reaching out to the pro-war Republicans.

And most importantly... his message is not pro-Liberty. It is about compromise and making deals.


Dear All,

Thanks for the input. That's what I had figured, and had responded to Christopher accordingly, with a polite but non-committal e-mail.


Thank you, Mike D.!!

I would like to engrave your message on every libertarian's wall.

We are too easily taken in by the snake-oily politicians.

~*~*~*~*~*~DON'T BELIEVE POLITICIANS~*~*~*~*~*~

I guarantee you if any of us ever had a private meeting with Obama, Bush,
Clinton, etc., we'd emerge saying: "He actually seems like a wonderful guy,
and really somewhat of a libertarian!"

Dear All;

On politicians DO NOT listen to what they say pay close attention to what they

Ron Getty

I had exactly that experience, in fact, with Wayne Allyn Root. (Except
that I would have said "something" rather than "somewhat.")

[mailto:lpsf-activists@yahoogroups.com] On Behalf Of

Unfortunately it is hard to know what politicians will do until they are elected
and then it is too late. The unreliability of politicians is another reason for
limited government.

Les Mangus

Yep, you are right, Les. But, as a political party, we in the soup, and we need to deal with the situation!