FW: [GrassrootsLibertarians] Johnson campaign trying to get a hold of Trevor Lyman

For those who haven't seen this....


Trevor Lyman, the guy who got Ron Paul's money bombs rolling, petitioned Gary Johnson to become more consistently non-interventionist on foreign policy, and has offered to throw a money bomb for Johnson if he does so.


Johnson's campaign (Ron referred to in Joe's message below is Gary's campaign manager, Ron Nielson) would like to talk to Trevor Lyman to discuss details, but we need contact info. If anyone can put us in touch, please do so. I believe both sides would benefit.

Please sign: http://libertycrier.com/politics/petition-to-gary-johnson-change-your-foreign-policy-get-the-ron-paul-vote-unite-the-liberty-movement-and-win/

The only name I recognized on the petition, besides yours and Trevor Lyman's, was Carol Paul's.

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Please all sign the petition.

Warm regards, Michael

I see a couple of other names that are on the LPSF lists. Effective endeavor to get politicians to respond to group pressure, but I personally will not be signing because I do not feel comfortable with that approach. Earlier, I suggested that we write to him on a one to one basis encouraging him to bring his foreign policy closer to Libertarian principles -- something I have done. But threatening to withhold my vote, is another thing. BTW if we do not vote for Johnson, we do what?



There are people planning to write in Ron Paul.

Warm regards, Michael


You make a good point anent not threatening to withhold your vote

Based on this I'll tell Gary, "I'll /enthusiastically/ vote for you if you adopt RP's foreign policy position."

Warm regards, Michael

Hi Michael,

True, I forgot about the write in for Ron Paul. And I do like the idea of an enthusiastic encouragement better!!


Unless Ron Paul's campaign files papers with Secretary of State Debra Bowen to run as a write-in candidate in California, none of those votes will ever be counted. Only votes for "qualified write-in candates" will be counted by the Registrar of Voters. Please advise people planning to write in Dr. Paul's name that they really are "throwing away" their vote by doing so.

At least every vote for Gary Johnson WILL be counted, so no Libertarian needs to waste their vote in November .

Terry Floyd

(Certified Alameda County Precinct Inspector)


Is this law, "Only votes for 'qualified write-in candIdates' will be counted by the Registrar of Voters," applied in all states?

All the best,