FW: Failure to Get Outraged allows ruling class/intrest groups to emerge, consolidate, and limit power


Here's my email to Ann in response to hers:

Dear Ann,

You wrote: Citizens simply aren't discerning and vigilant these days, "to
make these officials good."

I believe this is not the best goal. Lord Acton observed: "Power corrupts,
absolute power tends to corrupt absolutely." Harry Browne said: "It's not
the abuse of power, rather it's the power to abuse, lying at the heart of

IOW, with the perverse incentives in a democracy, officials tend not to be
malleable in the way you hope for. Consequently, shrinking their power has a
better chance (to the extent it can be accomplished) of creating a peaceful,
prosperous society than does "making them good."

Warm regards, Michael

Great you responded to Ann, Michael. But, again, the solution you offer is not clear either. How, specifically, do you curtail power?