FW: [D6inSF] 1 in 3 San Francisco employees earned $100,000


Thanks for posting this, Mike! I was just about to, but noticed that you beat me to it. I urge everyone to vote today in the Chronicle's online poll on this issue: http://www.sfgate.com/news/ (top left side of the page). Do it soon, as they may only have the poll up for a day or two.

  More than ever this convinces me that a ballot measure capping SF city government salaries at $99,999 a year would be a good one for us to do. Possibly I may mount the effort myself -- even if I don't have the support and fall short, or the measure is written imperfectly (not having the benefit of an expensive hired lawyer), I figure it would do more harm than good, helping keep the public focused on the issue and providing press and a possible boost to my candidacy for the Board of Supervisors.

  Given the Chron's commendable attention to this issue (the article contains a link to their database of city employees making at least $100K, which I've posted here before), they might even endorse such a ballot measure, and that's an important endorsement for any SF campaign to have.

  By the way Mike, are you subscribed to this District6inSF yahoogroup? If so, I'd be curious to hear what it's like. Are you on any other neighborhood or non-libertarian SF political e-lists?

Love & Liberty,
        ((( starchild )))

Thanks Starchild....the District6inSF list is particularly interesting. The politics of the area were interesting during my mayoral campaign. Small Business Advocates endorsed Chris Daly. A letter I wrote in his defense was published in the SF Business Times on behalf of the Small Business Advocates. I wrote it for political reasons but not sure I got anything for it....except the ability to walk into Daly's office and get a positive reception.

It seems this District 6 is the most "swing vote" place in SF...a mixture of Montgomery and South of Market all in one. Pretty interesting. And guys like Jim Meko are interesting to watch. Starchild....you have written about him on this list before.

That's it.