FW: Campaign for Liberty

Hello gang,

This just in from my buddy working on the event for next Saturday. He is suggesting that we setup a table and recruit while there. There will be other groups doing the same.

I will be there with my kids and happy to assist with manning the table.


Thanks, Mike. I was looking forward to this event, but now find I cannot attend. Reminder: At the last LPSF meeting, we had decided to meet by the statue of Vishnu right across the street from the Main Library. For those who are going, and manning a table, you might want to arrange and publicize your location.



I'll be visiting family in Nashville Sep 3-6, but if anyone wants to pick up
normally use for SF Pride, just let me know. I'll be home and available to
give them to you through Wednesday. Also, remember that these tables have
some dents in the top, so you'll want a tablecloth if you won't be totally
covering them with brochures and stuff.


Hi Mike,

  I plan to go, and would be happy to do outreach with you.

  Will that Vishnu statue still be there the day of the rally? I
believe it is a temporary installation (as with the 1919 and 1939
expositions, they'll probably remove it and leave something more dull
and drab in its place), and while I have no idea how long "temporary"
is scheduled to be in this case, it looks like the kind of piece that
someone might be planning to take up to Burning Man this week.

Love & Liberty,
          ((( starchild )))