From An Interview With A Commercial RE Developer

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what's the viewpoints about California? This is part of an interview with a commercial real estate developer. As if you didn't already know but jusy further confirmation.

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Ilene: I know many of your projects are in CA, how is that state doing?
Mr. Solomon:
The California government is dysfunctional, too little revenue and too
much expenditure. Compared to WA, there are more people, more
speculation, more bureaucracies, and now more contraction. CA also has
extra political risks, the state is bankrupt. The U.S. is also
bankrupt. If there were no restrictions due to traveling and language,
many people would be going elsewhere. All things being equal, I’d be
building where opportunity is greatest, taxes are lower, and there’s
less regulation. I’d be more apt to buy something in TX because the
economy is stronger than in CA, there is less regulation, no income
taxes and the budget is better balanced.