Fri. Ron Paul Happy Hour

  Friday, August 24, 2007, 5:00 PM
  Palio D'Asti
  640 Sacramento Street (Montgomery & Kearny)
  San Francisco , CA 94111
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  Happy Hour Social at Palio D'Asti!

  Come and start the weekend off right Ron Paul Style and meetup with other supporters!

  The last social at a coffe shop in Noe Valley was succesful in getting the message out that we are doing it again.

  We have found that by just being social, others come up to us and ask "Who Is Ron Paul" or "I've Heard of Hime and I Love Him"! It is a perfect time to tell others how you found out about The rEVOLution and spread His message to others.

  It is a way to be happy about spreading The Mesage of Truth, Freedom & Liberty to future SF Meetup members of which we are ever growing.

  Palio D'asti is owned by one of our meetup members and will be the site of Ron's next visit to us in a few weeks.

  Receive a free pizza with purchase of two adult beverages at
  Happy Hour from 5PM to 7PM.

  Palio d'Asti
  640 Sacramento St.
  San Francisco, CA 94111

  Start the weekend off right Ron Paul style and get ready for the National Ron Paul March in San Francisco on Sunday!

Did anyone else catch Ron Paul’s terrific guest appearance on NPR’s weekend
news quiz show “Wait, Wait! Don’t Tell Me!” last Saturday?

You can listen to the show online or download a podcast version from

Or you can use HYPERLINK "

He gets in some good applause lines and is able to make fun of himself
without making a fool of himself. He even gets to clear up some
misconceptions about Lyndon LaRouche, who is clearly not and has never been
a libertarian.

This is one of the highest rated shows on National Public Radio, and while
it is light-hearted and amusing, it re-caps the week’s news with no respect
at all for the politicians who make so many headlines. Ron Paul’s
appearance on the show promoted Libertarian positions without making us
sound like wild-eyed fools (though the host does question Congressman Paul
about how well the gun rights people get along with the hippies who support
his campaign).

Terry Floyd