Freedom In The 50 States

Whoever did this obviously doesn't care about freedom for voters. It has Oklahoma as one of the best 5 states. Oklahoma voters have not been able to vote for anyone for president in the general election, other than the Dem and Rep, in any of the last 3 elections. Dems and Reps are the only candidates on the ballot, and write-ins are banned.

North Dakota is also listed as one of the best five, yet North Dakota has not permitted any minor party candidates for the legislature on their ballots since 1976.

Also North Dakota legislature has banned all abortions this year, and has more governments per capita than any state.

Richard Winger


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Richard ,
Do you know Mike Shipley in Phoenix? He's doing ballot access stuff there too.

Richard invented ballot access activism. :slight_smile:

Ya'll should have a conversation.

Thanks, Richard. That was my immediate reaction to seeing Oklahoma in the top 5!

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What do you think of this Manning procession brewing? Have I been keeping you in the loop?

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Hi Richard,

I believe Jason Sorens, whom you probably know, is largely responsible for this.

Warm regards, Michael