[Freed-M] U.S. Military ‘Power Grab’ Goes Into Effect | Long Island Press

Hello Patriots,

The police-state tightens its grip on the American people.

Now, already the most imprisoned population on the planet, the way is cleared to use military forces against its citizens.

This will be requiring more money to feed, house, entertain, and retire millions more police and soldiers for the "Kremlin on the Potomac and its 50 soviets".

Meanwhile, Bradley Manning is in prison for acting according to his sworn oath to defend the Constitution and Bill of Rights, while the Obama administration continues the prolonged assault on the Constitution.

But on a positive note, a nationwide network is forming to produce one of the largest civil rights demonstrations in history.

Beginning with the ceremonial lighting and carrying of the Bradley Manning Freedom Torch in the SF Pride Parade, the torch will be carried into a virtual Torch-Procession of countless patriotic Freedom Torch Ceremonies, in communities across America. For three days, the virtual procession will march from all points on the compass including international points in Germany, Australia, and the UK, to converge at the Independence Day Torch Ceremony in Washington DC. on July 4th.

It's time to restore the Constitution.

Hi John,

Although I usually tune out any post that starts out with "police state," I did consider this one important and did read it. Thank you for posting it.

It would seem to me that ranting about this new development of militarizing the local police (as it has been already done with local National Guards) would have less effect than finding a way to counter the move legally and peacefully. For example, San Francisco residents, ordinary people and organizations, have been successful in encouraging the Board of Supervisors to issue resolutions (not the same as laws, but better than nothing) against federal intrusion in areas such undocumented aliens, medical marijuana, and indefinite detention.

I for one do not know the extent San Francisco law enforcement has been militarized. It is time I found out and contacted my local Supervisor if I find the level of intrusion unacceptable.