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Yes! It's crucial that it's OK. Otherwise the psychic landscape is so distorted that no one can do anything about their suffering or make sense of the dystopian conditions.

Today's gun control conversation is nearly as crazy as burning witches to get rid of the plague.

It's a major psycho-social dysfunction.


I think we agree on the concept. It's the wording I'm addressing. I recommend it sound stronger than "OK."

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Hmmmm...How do we do that?

It is important to protect children and consequently it's crucial to permit gun ownership to do so.

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What do you think of the idea of putting high tech venture capital to produce a "school safety device" that will only work for its designated operator and will only shoot bad guys. We have the technology.

Perhaps it would be more effective to pass a law prohibiting only criminals from owning guns.

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  I don't know how to reach Samuel Jackson or Brad Pitt, do you? But if they or other celebrities were to sign on as spokespeople for an LP campaign to enhance safety by protecting gun rights (seems unlikely, but would be awesome if they did) I think this would be more suitable as a national or California LP project than something organized at the local level.

  I believe safety devices allowing guns to be fired only by their owners already exist, but I don't know that much about it. If the devices do already exist, then venture capital wouldn't be needed to produce them. But we could potentially use project-based fundraising (crowdfunding) to solicit donations to purchase them and give them to local schools, along with guns and offers to pay for or arrange firearms training. The schools might well turn down the gifts, but even if they did it could still be terrific publicity. However I can't conceive of any current technology that would allow a gun safety device to distinguish between "good guys" and "bad guy" -- I think making that distinction would require human judgment.

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Marc Joffe may have contacted Brad Pitt (or knows someone who did) for one of his anti-war events.

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That was the strategy for the past forty years.
There should be a law mandating See's candies grow on cherry trees...and oak trees , instead of acorns.

Aging should be banned. Think of the health care savings. :slight_smile:

Thanks, I'll check.

Sorry, John. Apparently my attempt at humor fell flat.

I try frequently, yet succeed rarely.

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Not at all! You hit the jackpot.
Along the same lines, I was just pointing out how, with the glorious success of that strategy, legislatures can tackle even bigger and more pressing problems with confidence and the nod of approval from a grateful people. (with sincere straight face...of course)

You see, I can out-dry the driest humor all the way to the Sahara.
We could make a good comedy team for the fans of twisted humor.


When Congress passes a law it's a joke and when they make a joke it's a law. --Will Rogers

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