[Freed-M] Rise of the Warrior Cop

This thing is getting ugly.
Many young people are ready to throw their lives away over this freedom issue.
I hope everyone talks to the vulnerable ones in their surroundings.

Hi Eric,

Libertarians have been addressing the causes of the Ferguson case for the last 30 years. From our view police militarization and federalization, as well as lousy public education resulting in poor job prospects are all very, very ugly.


It's been ugly.

Police arrested people who refused to be sent to Vietnam and die.

Police were beating blacks with clubs who refused to leave the lunch-counter or tried to vote.

Police were beating gays at night clubs and hauling them to jail.

Luckily, there were young people who stood for sensibility while many adults were complicit or worse, cowered in shame and did nothing.

If the young people were throwing away their lives, the shameful adults were the garbage for history to throw away.

The national LP (specifically our new chair Nick Sarwark) also put out a terrific press release yesterday on the issue:


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Yes. Pretty good point of view. Today NPR spoke about police militarization also, and how some cities are waking up to the fact that this abomination does not work. NPR also mentioned that the war on drugs started all the troubles. Time to end all this!


That’s good news that NPR is saying it…it’s about time.


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We had a new visitor at the Alameda County LP meeting on Thursday, who
confessed to being a life-long Democrat until recently, but he was so
impressed by this press release that he felt it was time to get acquainted
with the LP.

Terry Floyd