[Freed-M] Police Union Caught Putting GPS On Rival Politician's Car And Framing Him For DUI

There has not been a question about whether there is a law. The question is what you would do about it, as you would send people to jail.
I questioned that first, with whether you would pay the cost of the jail, or expect others to pay for it.
Then further, I question to what extent would you violate humanity in the service of the law.We had an example of this question in this country, with laws by the Slave State governments, to the point where my ancestors were jailed in service of the Fugitive Slave Act.
Would you be joining the Slave State governments in this example?
We know my ancestors joined the Union Army and vindicated themselves at Antietam and Fredricksburg.
In another example, there were the Nuremburg Laws leading their followers ultimately, to the Nuremburg Trials and execution.

I apologize for not being able to think in ethereal terms. The staple items, like slavery, that are always eventually brought up in any discussion from the color of the sky to the price of granola, do nothing for my further understanding of situations. My focus is on the fact that there are man-made laws on the books, each one of us can choose to abide by or not abide by those laws, as well as choose to work toward overturning those laws or protecting those laws. Also, our society has formulated what some call natural law or humanity that follow a certain set of principles, and upon which the more flexible man-made laws are purported to be based. So it is irrelevant to the discussion what I personally would choose in any specific situation.