[Freed-M] Police Union Caught Putting GPS On Rival Politician's Car And Framing Him For DUI

Nice introductory speech to open a conversation about deeper truths.
The Founders asserted the idea of Natural Law, self evident in its features. Gravity is a Natural Law. There are other laws including thermodynamics, mathematics, conservation of energy and many more.
These laws do exist, whether or not they are discovered and there is ultimate authority enforcing these laws. In the discovery of these laws, there are experiments and tests, to prove their existence and reveal their enforcement.
Galileo and Newton both grasped this, in regards to the law of gravity; both making the connection between the observation of reality and the enforcement of the natural of law gravity.
Seeing reality in this framework was a "holy sh**" moment that opened the door to the real world and to unleashing real, serious power, enough to defend the individual for the first-time in history.
Contrary to Larken's theme, the Founders were not law-breakers, they were law-makers, seeking by observation and experiment to articulate natural law in the framework of society. This ambition would lead to writing the Supreme Law, the US Constitution.
Their recognition of self-evident truths in the same framework as natural law gave them access to the enforcement of natural law, in the conduct of society. This was their "Theory of Relativity" leading to "nuclear powered" society. There is no stopping the enforcement of natural law.
They memorialized this in 1782, with the Great Seal: "Annuit Coeptis...Novus Ordo Seclorum"
"Annuit" means: he, she, it, someone, or something gives the nod, approves, or assents.
"Coeptis" means: with these beginnings or undertakings.
"Novus Ordo Seclorum" means: New Order of the Ages"
Notice the Great Seal does not mention or show anything about the war, winning the war, fighting the war, or the military. Instead it shows a pyramid with the date of the Declaration of Independence on the base and and eye at the apex.
That's it. All of it. It's the equivalent of E=MC2.