[Freed-M] Police Union Caught Putting GPS On Rival Politician's Car And Framing Him For DUI

??? Please re-read my post. There is no disagreement, in making a distinction between the law and humanity.
Morality requires the distinction for better judgement, to know where the law ends and humanity begins.
The terminology for the distinction is whatever it is. It depends on the language, but the language itself is not the distinction.
In this conversation I made the distinction with the words "criminal" and "lawbreaker", both implying legal liabilities and punishments but only the criminal facing the condemnation of history and the fires of Hell.
Jean Val Jean was a mere lawbreaker, but the Inspector would burn in Hell for his inhumanity.

I still see a belief in a distinction between criminal and lawbreaker on the email below that I don't subscribe to. Also there is no legal statute concerning humanity (although there is admonition to temper judgement with mercy).

The Inspector is neither a criminal nor a lawbreaker since he broke no law on the books. Although he is cruel and yes probably going to hell. The cops you described earlier are both lawbreakers and criminals and will spend time in purgatory. Poor Jean is a lawbreaker, but common decency prompts me to refrain from calling him a criminal (although in reality he is) but will go to heaven.

Sorry. I'm adamant.