[Freed-M] Gary Johnson tames zombies in new political ad | KOB.com

Hi folks,

So another party candidate, on the ballot in all fifty states, must sue to be a part of the presidential debates?

Anybody see a problem here?

How bad must it get before we admit that there is only one recognized party, the socialist-police-state-party? (New World Order)

Republicans and Democrats are only factions of The Party. It had conventions in Florida and North Carolina, where non-party interests were treated the same way by either faction.


"Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson continues his long-shot
campaign for president, and his wild new ad that is threatening to go
viral on the internet.
Johnson, the fearless foe of Democrats and Republicans has morphed into
something new - Johnson, the fearless zombie-tamer.
The political ad begins with Democrat and Republican zombies, lurching
toward a confrontation. Then - gridlock. ..."

Mainstream, baby...

From what I read, the rule on debates is that you are in if you get 15% approval on three national polls. Johnson hovers around 5% as I recall. So it would seem that Johnson either succeeds in changing the rules, or we activists help spread the word so he can become more popular, be included in more polls, and get included in the debates.

And, yes, no difference whatsoever between Dems and Repubs.


I have no doubt that changing the rules will fail. And the only reason Gary is polling so low is because his name is not even INCLUDED as an option in the major polls. In most of the polls used to calculate this number, the only option besides Obama and Romney is "Other," and while I'm fairly sure that choice probably has more than 15% support, that doesn't mean the Commission will risk recognizing by name any of the other candidates on the ballot. The letter writing campaign to the Debate sponsors (Southwest Airlines, Anheiser Busch, etc.) is probably the best way to have any influence on that matter, but that is still a long shot.