Free! Libertarian business cards for LP members (details inside)

Mark really does go door-to-door recruiting new members!
I know, I've set up and participated in two out of the three
events he's gone on.

But, Mark is too modest. He drove for hours to do these
things. One time he even had to put up with me for over
three hours straight, even after he'd driven well over an hour
just to get to my house. And then, he had to put up with me
on the way back, too.

Bad enough were my relationship stories and advice, but
me trying to sing along with punk bands just about
popped his cork.
(Mark is a rare punk music dealer and really knows about it.)

The one main resource that would get the LP, at all levels the
resources and people to be able to do more, a lot more
is members. National is so darn broke, they just don't have
the money to actively recruit any more. They were the main
source in the old day.

Aaron, Mark and I have been brainstorming and trying new
things, not to mention just being grass roots activists
ourselves, being foot soldiers in the battle for liberty.

We'll continue to do all of the above, repeating the successful
things and experimenting with new ideas. We'll never stop
until we either die or succeed.

[Secret: SHHH!]
We're going to give FREE business cards to any member, activist
or officer that recruits a new member. The entire plan hasn't been
finished or published, but anyone that does recruit a new member,
call me and I will order you Libertarian business cards that will
look good and cost you nothing.

We feel these will be another tool to use when you meet people
when wearing your Libertarian hat. There are a few guidelines,
of course. They are fair and simple. We're working on the idea
of giving bigger and better premiums to people that recruit even
more members. But for now, recruit a member, call me with
all their information and I will see to it your new cards arrive in
your mailbox in short order!

Bruce Cohen
Board of Directors LP CA
(949) 813-8001

Fine Print:
For receive the free business card premium the following must be true:
  1.. The membership must be paid in full.
  2.. The person must have not been a LP member within a one year period.
I'm not the final arbiter of the guidelines, but the above two points should about
do it. If you are unsure about a situation, call me.