Free Download From Ludwig von Mises Institute: Murray Rothbard : Makes Economic Sense

Dear Everyone;

The Ludwig von Mises Institute has available a pdf download of the Murray Rothbard book: Makes Economic Sense.

In it Rothbard delightfully and rightfully skewers various social and political and economic issues from a Libertarian viewpoint. While it was written for a different era the points he makes are still extremely viable for today. Just change the names listed to todays characters and the issues are still the same and the points made are still the same.

It makes worthwhile reading as valid talking points are provided which can be used today.

It's a big file so if you do not have high speed dsl or access to highspeed and are on a fax modem expect a little time to download. Even with dsl wait a little for the download. The pdf is some 380 pages of writing!


There is a section where you can buy an off-line version for $5.00.


Ron Getty

SF Libertarian