'Free' Candidates Websites!

I'm working with a company that makes wonderful candidate's websites.
They are laden with features that would cost thousands of dollars if you
had the site made for you.

They handle your fundraising for you, accepting checks or credit cards.
They handle e-mail campaigns of your choice, for fundraising or just
for general campaigning.

They are ready to go and can be online exactly how you want them in
as little as two days, sometimes only one.

And the price for candidates will knock your socks off!
I know that for Real Estate Agents, a nice site like this
costs a minimum of $500.00 to start and $50.00 a month.
And these sites don't do half of what this candidates site will.

The cost? Free to start and ZERO per month.
They charge a flat fee of 7.5% of funds the site raises for you.
Considering it would cost you over 3% to process payments
over the internet, not to mention $40.00 a month and a
$500.00 starter fee, (And a handful more 'garbage' fees.)
This is a real bargain.

Cancel any time.
No penalty, no obligation.

There is a TON more the site does for candidates.
I just signed up today and should have my site live
by tomorrow. I'll give you a report then.

Contact me by phone (949) 813-8001 to find out more.
Or, e-mail me.

They also will host sites for Regions for only 5%.

Disclaimer: I liked the product so much, I signed up to sell it.
I get from .25% to 3% of the take, depending...

Bruce Cohen
PS I told two people about this site in Orange County.
     One is signing up.
     The other doesn't want to raise any funds, as he
     doesn't want to do the paperwork for the FEC.
     But, we are going to find an automatic way to do that, to!
     Then, he said he just might sign up!