Former Nevada Libertarian Party chair shot multiple times in the back by police

Although the story below does not absolutely confirm his identity, it has been confirmed on a website covering alternative political parties (see

  I have met and hung out with Jim Duensing; he's a dedicated freedom activist and good guy. When my own state chair engineered proceedings that resulted in my not being seated as a delegate for the first day of our national convention in 2006, Jim spoke out for me and offered to let me sit with Nevada's delegation. Reading about someone you know getting gunned down like this sure brings home the reality of the burgeoning police state, not that I didn't have a strong sense of it already!

  Fortunately, according to his wife Beth, who has been with him at the hospital, Jim is in good spirits and expected to make a full recovery. I hope he does, and sues the hell out of the Las Vegas police department. Real justice would be seeing the money taken out of the paycheck of the officer who shot him, but of course that's not likely to happen. So let's hope and pray that at least this trigger-happy officer loses his/her job. "Paid leave," pfffffehhh.

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