Format of Public Access TV tapes/Morey's question

Hi Morey,

In response to your queston at the LPSF meeting yesterday regarding
format for media accepted by S.F. Public Access TV, I tried to find
among my e-mails the one they were announcing a number changes in
their rules, including what formats they accepted. I could not find
that e-mail. Therefore, I would suggest that you call them about the
DVD's you mentioned at the meeting. S.F. Public Access TV seems to be
in a lot of flux right now, and their communications are a bit
confusing; their website is down for overhaul, so no help there.
Their phone number is 415 575-4949. Their office hours are (unless
that changed also) Tues-Fri 3 pm - 11 pm; Sat 11 am - 7 pm.



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