For those who registered Republican or are thinking of doing so

I disagree. I don't think the LNC is being shortsighted, I think they're being wise (for a change).

I am no apologist for LP national, but they are looking at the numbers. The reality is that the "truisms" being advanced by the RP campaign (such as "he's spreading the libertarian message far and wide") just aren't supported by the numbers.

Respectfully, a lot of his campaign supporters are living in an RP bubble. They assume that all of the buzz that they hear inside their libertarian world is the same as what's being heard "out there." The reality however, is that it's not.

Paul has terrible name recognition as a candidate -- below that of Tom Tancredo amongst likely Republican primary voters.

Paul has raised a lot of money, but has spent very little of it on outreach or running a serious campaign.

And finally, a great deal of what makes Paul's campaign appeal to his small base is, to be charitable, unlibertarian stuff on border control, trade restrictions, etc.

I don't blame the LNC at all for their concern.

When Ron Paul finishes last in the GOP primaries, he can fold up his tent and go home with $10+ million in unspent campaign cash. The LNC, on the other hand, have to run a national political party that has been seriously damaged by a short-sighted national campaign in another party that never had a chance to begin with.