For Consideration - From Overwatch Texas

We should consider that there a couple of things going on here that not mentioned. Seizing on these two important points can truly cause a review of these processes.

Issue I)

TSA employees appear to be wearing high grade Nitrex gloves. Even if they are wearing inexpensive gloves there is something wrong here. The agents are protecting themselves from touching other humans and perhaps finding they have contacted disease and infections that may be transmitted by touch. For instance how about running their hands down someones arms, ankles, or down their back or crotch and contact an oozing MRSA Sore. Highly contagious by Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus

This is extremely serious. Now, tell me where those gloves are going next...down your daughters clothing or in mothers blouse..NO!!
They must change gloves between each person..they must. This is worthy of media contact.

Issue II)
Copy of Evidence and custody of evidence of possible assault.

If an individual is going to touch you in these PAT DOWNS and they are recording it you have a right to request a copy of that image and to know precisely where that image goes. Further if you believe you are being violated and being recorded, where did you give permission to do this. If you believe you are being violated you can request a law enforcement officer to take a report and request the recorded evidence.

Issue III)
Credentials Available

How are you made aware of the experience and credentials of the individual touching you? Requesting materials that reflect training
of that individual must be made available on each search.

Issue IV
The Disabled and Ill

Bending, raising the arms and even standing erect for some ill, elderly and post surgical patients is a clinical issue. Who assesses this situation in each search area.? Paramedic at each station.

Issue V
Sexual Contact Children

How do we teach children to NOT let anyone touch them in their private places..then demand when they fly, they let that guard down
and let a perfect stranger touch them.

Issue VI
Appropriate Setting

Backup crowds all around these machines is the formula for disaster should a device be discovered and the wearer panic and pull the pin.
This is totally insane to search for an explosive device with crowd
AT the airport. This is an activity that needs to be off-site.

Issue VII
Documenting Processes

Who monitors and documents they TSA staff in each instance carrying out each procedure. There should be a log and passenger list that reflects WHO is searched, Who does the search and what time. This must be logged for many reason.
Potential Charges
Potential Diseases
Legal Charges

Recording Incidents and Communication

Recording of sound of each search to assure that no search comes with abuse or harassment when issues of sensitivity arise.