Food for thought

Global oil production is around 75 million barrels/day. It's price has been varying between 80 and 100 buck/barrel. That's 6 billion/day or 2 trillion/year for the cost of the planet's energy.

Meanwhile the US military costs 700 billion/year. 1/3 the cost of the planet's energy. This does not include the cost of the domestic police-state that has locked-up so many American's that it has 1/4 of the planet's prisoners.

Meanwhile, US steel production has dropped from number one, to off the list of the top-ten global produces and regional planners are expanding police-powers over the future of your property.

Anybody see a problem here?

And I forgot to mention, our stewards of fiscal responsibility, the Republicans, want to stop Obama's cuts to the military. It gives new meaning to "wolf in sheep's clothing."