Flyer on Prop A [1 Attachment]

In the September 20-26 of BAR they listed their recommendations for the SF
ballot measures, which were of course the polar opposite of ours. I sat down and
wrote a rejoinder to their explanation. I have edited it to make it into a

Starchild....I was wondering if you could put the LPSF banner at the top of
this. I will take care of making copies. I have not sent it yet (other than in
this forum). It should be a word document. If you can't open it, let me know and
I will figure out a way to get it to you.

If anyone has any ideas for improvements, I will be glad to consider them. If
anyone wants to use the ideas and phraseology, feel free to do so.

I am working on the other measures also and will share them as I write them.

Les "the Mongoose" is mad, especially about Prop A

Hi Les,

Very, very erudite discussion! You might want to consider trying to have it published as an Editorial Opinion (I do not mean a LTE, but a real Opinion article).

Question: I do not understand the part on your second paragraph where you have students listed on both sides of your equation, but no teachers in that equation?

My Very Personal Opinion: You have here an excellent, economic and moral analysis of the situation -- one that could explain to the general public the essence of libertarian political action and recommendations. Why not upgrade the spirit of the title, and the few more shrill exhortations, to a more formal expression of objective knowledge and moral conviction. I am only expressing my own writing style, and acknowledge that everyone has his/her own style!


I am going to try to have it published however I can.

Students are listed on both sides of the equations because they are both payers
(by paying tuition) and receiver ( by taking classes). Payers want to pay less
and receivers want to receive more. Students want lower or no tuition and lots
of classes. I will look it over again and see if I can make it more explicit.

I would be happy to upgrade the spirit of the title, if I could think of a way
to do that. Any suggestions? Actually I kinda like it the way it is. "Ballot Box
Bandits" is a catchy phrase, don't you think?