Flowers update

Starchild and I went to City Hall yesterday before picking up the flowers and found out that:
- they were not doing marriages this weekend
- they will be doing them next week
- they will be by appointment only

So we're not sure if there will be big lines of people to give flowers too. Starchild and I will check it out Monday morning and see. We also checked out the prices on roses ($1/pair) and cards (~$60 for 200) so for less than $300, we can afford enough for 200 couples - which is great.

So far, I received $50 paypal payments from Mike Acree and Rob Power. Francoise Fielding and Mike Denny have pledged $50 each and Starchild and I are putting in $50 each, so we should have the costs covered.

If it turns out that we can't do this for whatever reason, I can simply refund the payments via paypal.

-- Steve