Anti-nude law
KOd by Fla. court

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. - Let's get naked!

A federal judge struck down Daytona Beach's anti-nudity laws, saying
they're unconstitutional.

Regulations prohibiting public nudity and nudity in places that sell
alcohol violate the First and 14th amendments' protections of free
speech and equal protection, the judge decided.

Daytona Beach also failed to prove its claim that adult nightclubs
create secondary negative impacts on levels of crime, prostitution and
illegal drug activity in neighborhoods, the judge wrote.

"We won on every single issue," said Daniel Aaronson, a lawyer
representing Lollipops Gentleman's Club in its federal lawsuit.

Public nudity has been an issue at some Daytona Beach gatherings,
such as Biketoberfest and Spring Break.

City officials said they're considering an appeal.

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Originally published on January 22, 2006