Five Ballot Propositions To Be Voted On At LPSF Meeting 8/8/09 [1 Attachment]

Dear All;

Listed below are the 5 ballot propositions on the Nov. 3 ballot. 4 by the supervisors one by initiative process for a special mid-market sign district with part of the funds going to a special art for the children fund in the Tenderloin and SOMA.

We will vote on these ballot propositions at the LPSF meeting 8/8//09 this Saturday at 3:00 p.m.
The click throughs should work to take you the Direcor of Elections site for further information on each proposition.

There is also an attachment with the 5 ballot propositions on the ballot.

Please note if we do vote on all five and someone wants the vote re-addressed it can still be done at the September meeting on Saturday Sept. 12 which is still 30 days in advance of the actual ballot vote.

Personally speaking my vote tally is:

Prop. A - to extend budget process by having a two year pan tied to a 5 year overall.
Vote No as no 2 year plan or 5 year plan is needed when you cut spending and taxes and Citry employee payrolls.

Prop B - Adding More Aides for Board of Supervisors - No Way Vote NO

Prop C - Candlestick Park naminmg rights for sale - Yes

Prop D - Special sign advertising district - Yes

Prop. E - Advertising on City property vote No. This proip will hit Muni the hardest as Muni has signs on its busses and bus stops and could cost Muni $15 million in lost signage revenue..

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
Vice Chair
Chair Initiatives Committee
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Prop. A - Charter Amendment: Budget Process

Budget Process - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Budget Process - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

PROP. B - Charter Amendment: Board of Supervisors Aides

Board of Supervisors Aides - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Board of Supervisors Aides - Controller's Analysis (PDF)


Candlestick Park Naming Rights

PROP. D - Ordinance: Mid-Market Special Sign District

Mid-Market Special Sign District -Title & Summary (PDF)

PROP. E - Ordinance: Advertisements on City Property

Advertisements on City Property - Final Approved Digest (PDF)

Advertisements on City Property - Controller's Analysis (PDF)

I think discussion is this month and vote is next month, right? We can
do a straw poll tomorrow and report the results on our postcard, but
since we didn't give 30 days notice we have to do the vote in September
according to our bylaws, right?

Ron Getty wrote:

Dear Rob;

I do believe that's right although part of it also we have to have a final vote no less than 30 days prior to the election date which would mean the Sept.12 meeting.

Then the postcards from the combined batches to send the end of August for the Sept. meeting can still stress showing up for a vote meeting as a newly re-registered dues paying card carrying member of the Libertarian Party.

Just in time for Obama's martial munchkins show up to arrest everyone for being a Libertarian and against Obamacare.

BTW: If reports are to be believed Obama is quite upset about all the disruptive congressional town hall meetings which have taken place.

Ron Getty - SF Libertarian
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