Final Email of the Day!

Hi All! Thanks for all the active activism--I love it! I also want to thank Marcy and Matt for adding some more content to our website. I visited it today and there were additional articles on the NDAA bill, the SB1 bill, and the BART strike. Thanks, Marcy, for giving me credit for writing the NDAA article, even though I didn't really write it. I checked the legislative status, and Donnelly's bill did not advance further, as I hoped it would, but it was ordered for a third reading in the state Senate, so at least it's still alive. SB1 (the funding measure for Plan Bay Area) not surprisingly did pass the Assembly committee and has now unfortunately moved on to the Appropriations Assembly Committee. As always, it passed right along party lines with the 6 Democrats voting for the measure and the 3 Republicans voting against it. The next hearing will be on August 21--I will nag for additional phone calls in a few days with the names and
numbers. As for the BART strike, thanks Matt for all that information. No wonder BART rates are always so high. My friend's daughters in Alameda once made the statement that it costs around $10 to take BART from there to SFO, which I didn't think was correct at the time, but now I can see that it probably was right--and why. Another outrage!

Thanks for the fresh and timely content.