Final Bylaws Committee Meeting


  My apologies – I went back through my emails looking for Bylaws Committee stuff and discovered that a previous message sent July 31 did contain a report with a notice of a Bylaws Committee meeting happening in August, and how to participate by Zoom or phone. Unfortunately I get a lot of emails, and sometimes stuff gets overlooked, especially if it's contained in an attachment and not mentioned in the subject of an email or the text of the message itself, and/or if I'm not specifically expecting it.

  If I had been on the committee's email distribution list however – as I would like to be and have requested! – I do think it more likely I would have seen additional messages discussing the scheduling of that meeting, and been more likely to have been aware of it in a timely manner. So I hope you will in turn forgive me for overlooking that message, and believe me that it was unintentional; if I'd noticed it, I would have made every attempt to take part.

  Anyway, I'm glad the committee has done more than I initially thought when I wrote the message below to publicize its meetings, and I do plan to call in to the meeting this evening to participate. We still have months until the convention, so I hope ample time will be made for discussion, revision, addition of proposals for changes.

  As far as "hammering" people, I hope you do not feel attacked or think any of this is personal. I certainly take no personal joy in having to repeat myself so frequently about transparency, and heartily wish it was not an issue. My goal in repeatedly bringing it up is not to affix blame to anyone in particular, but simply to improve our party's culture and operations in this regard.

Love & Liberty,

((( starchild )))