Film on struggles of small business/Anti-corporate backlash (Thurs. 4/13)

Independent America: The Two-Lane Search for Mom & Pop
Thursday, April 13
$5 - $10

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These days, you have to go pretty far out of your way to spend your
money in an local "mom and pop" store instead of one of the thousands
of national corporate chains that seem to be sprouting up in every
city in America, and increasingly overseas, too.

in their new documentary, "Independent America: The Two-Lane Search
for Mom & Pop", award-winning journalists Hanson Hosein and Heather
Hughes took the roads less traveled to uncover the growing opposition
to corporate franchises and "big box" retailers across the U.S., and
the David vs. Goliath struggle that local small businesses are being
forced to wage to stay alive.

The film is an account of the former TV reporters' 32-state road trip
in search of "unchained" America. They have only two self-imposed
rules: 1) no interstate highways, and 2) no corporate chains -
including gas stations, restaurants, hotels, and grocery stores. In
other words, they can only shop with mom and pop.

What they discover during their trip is growing discontent with
corporate America, and a growing movement away from globalization and
toward "re-localization," as individuals and small businesses across
the country band together to preserve not only their livelihoods, but
their local communities as well.

In Colorado, a Starbucks is repeatedly vandalized. In Texas, a
rebellious city forces Borders Books into retreat. Residents of
America's "Fourth of July" capital in Nebraska turn against their new
Wal-Mart. And an entire Wyoming town goes into business for itself
after it is abandoned by its one chain department store.

Along the way, their conversations with corporate executives,
economists, entrepreneurs, political leaders, union members, and
ordinary Americans from all walks of life lead Hosein and Hughes to
conclude that a healthy democracy needs local small businesses if it
wants to control ever-growing corporate power.

The 80-minute film will be followed by a panel discussion. Tickets
are $5 - $10, and go on sale 30 minutes before the show. Proceeds
benefit the 2006 CounterCorp Film Festival in October.

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Brava Theater
2781 24th Street
San Francisco

24th Street BART and then walk east down 24th to York Street
Ceasar Chavez exit off of 101, drive east on Ceasar Chavez and turn
right on York Street and drive down to 24th Street and find parking
Take Bryant or Portrero Avenues south and turn on to 24th Street and
find parking

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